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Name my beer!

by VM Brasseur on May 16th, 2006

As per the earlier post, my first homebrew attempts (a nut brown ale) will be bottled this weekend. To keep it from getting mixed up with any subsequent brews, I’ll be labeling this batch.

But what to call it? I’m hereby soliciting ideas for a name for this batch of beer.

Lay ’em on me, folks. Flex those wit muscles.

  1. suomynona permalink

    5% alcohol

  2. suomynona permalink

    The Brown Stuff

  3. suomynona permalink


  4. suomynona permalink


  5. suomynona permalink

    But my favorite is “Post one more stupid idea and I’ll ban you.”

  6. Gee, how on earth did you see that comment coming?

  7. suomynona permalink


  8. Father B permalink

    North Bay Sludge
    North Bay Brownwater
    Moira’s Special Hairball Blend
    But wiser (pay no attention to any legal documents coming from St. Louis)
    Wasted Time Special Ale
    Aley Oop
    Oh Shit

    Need more?

  9. Father B permalink

    Brasseur de Langston’ Special Ale
    O’Brasseur’s Olde Tyme Irish Brew – WIth Mini Marshmallows!
    Prevacid Bait Ale
    Balco Brew (It’ll sell well with Major League Baseball)
    Bush’s Lament (Naw, too political)
    Kennedy’s Choice (Few people know more about drinking)
    Yellow Snow Ale
    Bleeding Kidney Brew
    Biohazard Brew


  10. Father B permalink

    Cat Squeezens
    Lost Weekend Lament
    Check’s in the Male Ale

  11. Father B permalink

    Brown Nut Drainage
    After Six You’ll Want to Marry your First Cousin Ale
    Puss Bucket Ale

  12. Father B permalink

    Can you believe I’n not in marketing!

  13. Father B permalink

    Beaver Piss Ale
    Amish Ale (hey, they’re not going to read this on the web!)

  14. It’s hard to believe. Difficult. Nigh on impossible. Obviously, you’ve missed your calling. But you know what they say, “It’s never too late to start.” Then again, they also say, “Never quit quitting,” so they’re obviously very confused and their words should be viewed with suspicion.

  15. Father B permalink

    Yeah, what do “they”know…

  16. Father B permalink

    Gene Pool Skimmin’s
    The Queen’s Own Ale (I asked her, she said it was OK)
    Naval Lint Ale (you can sell it to sailors)

  17. Father B permalink

    Ale (its a generic beer)
    Petaluma Pernicious Ale

    That’s all for now.

  18. The current front-runners are (some of these via email):

    • Petaluma Pernicious Ale
    • But Wiser (yes, believe it or not, I like this one, though I’m considering reserving it for my first lager)
    • Wasted Time Special Ale (quality pun action)
    • Farm Girl Ale
    • XMAle (it’s a geek thing)

    Not contenders per se but still appealing to me:

    • Uurp! (speaks for itself)
    • O’Brasseur’s Olde Tyme Irish Brew – With Mini Marshmallows! (you had me with the marshmallows)
    • Ale (there’s something to be said for simplicity)
    • Luma Juice (don’t pet a luma; drink it!)
    • Grock (I don’t get it but I like it)

    Keep ’em comin’, folks! There’s plenty of clever people who read this blog, so I’m expecting a lot of very intriguing suggestions.

  19. It seems like there is a dirty joke in there somewhere, what with the nut brown thing, but I’ll leave that to the professional (eric?).

  20. suomynona permalink

    100% Pistachio Free Nut Brown Ale

  21. “Not Produced On Machinery That Also Processes Soy Or Nut Products” Nut Brown Ale.

  22. suomynona permalink

    TBD – To Be Drunk
    My Bottle’s Got Nuts In It
    Beer Gone Nutty
    Nuts for You
    NUT – Non Urine Treat
    Name Goes Here:__________
    Drinkin’ Fizz
    Ale Be Drinkin’

  23. Cute Overlord permalink

    My Cup Sloppeth Over

  24. JoiseyGirl permalink

    While We’re Waiting on the Meade Ale
    Back o’ my Closet Brew
    Downtown Nut Brown (you live close enough to downtown Petaluma…)

    Father B has clearly missed his calling – this is harder than it looks.

  25. El Nuez Marron
    Nut Nut Nut
    Mr. Brown’s Nuts
    Nutley J. Brown
    My First Ale
    Moira’s Blend
    Brown, Bubbly, Nutty

    Nut, huh, huh.

  26. Just a note to all: the last day for name suggestion submissions will be tomorrow. On Saturday I’ll pick one and announce the winner in a new post.

  27. suomynona permalink

    Weekend Brew
    Pick Me!

  28. Vicky’s Nut Ale
    Busta Nut

    And in the anagram department:

  29. An Elbow Runt?
    Butanol Wren?

    Somehow it doesn’t seem fair to use an anagram program. Though those two are amusing.

  30. Well, I did use an anagram server, but I picked the ones I liked most. I kind of like Walnut Boner.

  31. Which, though interesting, probably won’t make the cut. Sorry. Only G-Rated beer here. 🙂

  32. What? Boner as in “a blunder or an error”. What were you thinking? Do you recall Mike Seaver’s best friend in the television show, Growing Pains? Perhaps you remember his nickname. I will give you a hint. It rhymes with “owner”.

  33. suomynona permalink

    “Gee!” Rated Beer

  34. Father B permalink

    Alton (nut) Brown Ale

  35. Quizzart permalink

    Dark Forces Ale
    –And like Vader always says, “It is y0ur fathers beer Luke.”
    Victorian Brew (or stew)
    Dolbyesque–Aliens at my Brewick (but said in really cool digital surround sound, oh wait I mean in Dolby surround sound).
    Use a cool symbol and it could be the Beer formerly known as (insert favorite name so far here).
    Political–Pork Barrel Brew
    Browncoat Ale
    Fermented Stuff
    Bluep (however you would spell that for that thing that goes . . .).
    Godzilla Water
    Gamera Grog
    Buccaneer Brew
    Jack Sparrow Ale
    –feeling a bit Norse–
    Ragnarok (like Rolling Rock but waaay more apocalyptic)
    Odin’s Other Eye
    Midgard Ale
    Loki’s Liquid
    Yggdrasil’s Venom
    Mythos Beer
    Neptune’s Trident

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