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The Name Of The Beer

by VM Brasseur on May 21st, 2006

Before I announce the winning beer name, you may want to review the list of (almost) all suggestions. I say “almost” because there was one list of suggestions sent via email earlier in the week and that message is unavailable on my laptop right now. Sorry ’bout that Quizzart.

And now on to the big announcement…

The winning name for the Nut Brown Ale is…

Browncoat Ale!

There were a lot of really good suggestions which will be kept in reserve for subsequent batches, but this one just stood out for me. Perhaps it’s because I’ve recently re-watched Firefly. Twice. Once just to hear the commentary. Or the fact that just Friday I was re-watching Serenity. I’m sure Mal, Jayne and the rest of Joss’ crew would approve of the tribute. Well, Jayne might not, but he’d at least appreciate the beer.

Congratulations to Quizzart (who doesn’t even like beer, I’ll have you know) for his winning suggestion! Many thanks to everyone else for their help. Your suggestions have been logged and noted for future reference.

  1. For the record, Mom, “Petaluma Pernicious Ale” was a close second.

  2. Quizzart permalink


    Hooray beer! The most suggested name was Alton Brown Ale however. I’m a little surprised no Brasseur suggested The Right Stuff as a name. OK so I don’t really like beer, which is a crime punishable by being pelted with hops and barley, but I like naming things (feel sorry for my kids if I ever have any–get over here Gamera).

  3. Father B permalink

    We’ll accept coming in second to someone who would name a kid Gamera.

  4. And, might I say, your name provides the perfect “subtitle” for the label. From the Firefly episode “The Message,” this quote:

    When you can’t run, you crawl. And when you can’t crawl, you find someone to carry you.


    The bottling is done, BTW. Post (with pictures) in the next day or so.

  5. This is a great name. One of those clever names that makes you think, “Why didn’t I think of that”.

  6. Ain’t it, though? When I saw it I had one of those head-slapping “Well, duh!” moments.

  7. suomynona permalink

    I know why I didn’t.

    Because Firefly Sucks!

    You all know it to be true.

  8. It really is your life’s goal to get banned from my blog, isn’t it?

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