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Their loss.

by VM Brasseur on September 15th, 2005

How? Why? Why don’t people cook for themselves? When a delight like this is just minutes away? But no, they’d rather open a box or a can or a bag.

  • Take some whole wheat fettucine. Break it in half and cook it in salted water.
  • Meanwhile, slightly crush a clove of garlic. Rub the inside of a bowl with the clove, then mince what’s left over.
  • Dice a garden fresh tomato.
  • Drain the pasta and add it to the bowl, along with the minced garlic and diced tomato. Drizzle with a generous amount of good extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with some kosher salt and add a twist or two of freshly ground black pepper.
  • Toss well.

Nigh on perfection. “Olio et Aglio” but with a little kick. I barely restrained myself from eating the entire bowl, and that was after eating the rest of my meal.

No, don’t speak. Just let my stomach and I enjoy this little moment of bliss. Ahhh…tasty…

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  1. The Brasseurs permalink

    We think that sounds great! Maybe we’ll give it a try.

  2. What, you mean you’ll actually eat wholewheat fettucine? Hell, if I’d known that one little post was all that was needed to get you to do that, I’d have written this long ago.

    If I tell you about the zucchini I also had for dinner, would you make some of that, too?

  3. The Brasseurs permalink

    Ummmmmmmmmm, No.

  4. The Brasseurs permalink

    FYI – Mom’s making the pasta tonight. No zucchini.

  5. The zucchini was on the side, so its lack won’t ruin the pasta any.

  6. The Brasseurs permalink

    There are some of us who believe that the presence of zucchini would ruin the pasta – or anything else.

  7. The Brasseurs permalink

    Mom’s using whole wheat rotinni, so it won’t be exactly like yours. Also, she says that we’re probably using more garlic than you did. We’re having it with salad, homemade bread and dipping oil, wine, and extra dark chocolate cake and Grand Marinier for desert.

  8. And now, on the basis of dessert alone, the entire FirstStep community invites themselves over for dinner. Not that that’s anything for ya’ll to worry about, considering the staggeringly unimpressive readership numbers.

  9. The Brasseurs permalink

    We thought the pasta was very good, and the bread and dipping oil went well with it. We’ll gloat about the desert later, after we have time to savor it .

  10. The Brasseurs permalink

    By the way, is this “First Step” like one of the twelve step programs?

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