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ESB needs a name

by VM Brasseur on July 18th, 2006

In light of what happened the last time I asked this question I know that I’m going to regret this, but…

Next week the ESB (Extra Special Bitters), which has already been bottled, will be ready to try. Now I really do have to get around to making those labels for the Browncoat so I don’t get those bottles confused with the ESB.

I was looking through the list of submissions from the naming of the Browncoat Ale and, unfortunately, none of them really seem to apply to an ESB.

So once more into the breach, my friends. Name the new beer.

  1. suomynona permalink

    Resurrecting 2 previous submmission of mine:
    5% alcohol

    Some ESB ones:

    Extra Shitty Beer (may want to wait until tasting to pick this one 🙂
    Eh, Scotch is Better.
    Ever Seen Beer?
    Electricity Supply Beer
    E-Street Beer
    Empire Strikes Beer
    EncefalopatĂ­a Spongiforme Beer (Mad Beer Disease)
    Effective Sample Beer

    Some other ideas:
    Better Bitter Beer
    New Car Fuel
    Not the Mead
    Petaluma Bitter

    Lookslike alot of the names from to other list can by recycled by turnign the ‘Ale’ or the the ‘Nut’ -> Bitter

    100% Pisatchio Free Bitter Beer

    O’Brasseur’s Olde Tyme Bitter – With Mini Marshmallows!
    (will probably need an asterix and ‘mini marshmallows sold separately)

  2. The Bitter End
    Bitte Bitter

  3. Shave Your Tongue
    Beer: Cruchy Style

  4. Sorry, but “5% Alcohol” won’t work as it’s inaccurate. The estimated ABV of this beer will be somewhere between 6.5% and 8%. I think.

    None of those are floating my boat yet, folks. Keep ’em coming.

  5. suomynona permalink

    Somewhere Between 6.5% and 8% Alcohol

    Floats My Boat

    Floats Your Boat

    I Think It’s Beer

  6. Oh, you’re not even trying.

    No, I take that back. You are trying. Very trying at times, but I still think you’re swell.

  7. suomynona permalink

    Zoom Zoom Zoom

  8. Zoom Brew? Then again, with ABV as high as that, “zoom” probably wouldn’t be the effect of drinking this beer.

  9. I kinda liked Empire Strikes Beer…

  10. suomynona permalink

    Hmm, a couple a more in the Empire SXXX Beer

    Empire Sells Beer
    Empire Steals Beer
    Empire Supplied Beer

    Although my personal favorite is:
    EncefalopatĂ­a Spongiforme Beer (Mad Beer Disease)

  11. Father B permalink

    Extra-Special-I-Ride-the-Short-Bus Bitters
    Drano (there may be copyright issues with this)
    Buy My Beer & Pay for My Mazda Bitters
    “Sour, sweet, bitter, pungent, all must be tasted” (Chinese saying)
    Sweet Bitterness
    Bitter Bay Beer
    T2R ( This is the name of the gene that is the bitterness receptor on the tongue – a true GEEK name)
    Bitter Waters Brew

    A start.

  12. Quizzart permalink

    Grumpy Old Man ESB
    Cylon ESB (talk about a bitter group)
    Curmudgeon ESB
    Divorce Court Beer (talk about bitter)
    Bite Me ESB
    E-Beer (chased with your new soda POP3)
    Piss & Vinegar ESB (Please drink responsibly and don’t pee angry)
    Spite & Malice ESB
    Pucker Up ESB
    Al Anon ESB
    Auctioneer ESB (the only bidder beer)
    Summa Cum Bitter ESB
    Tart ESB or maybe Strumpet ESB
    Ermines Smile Back
    Eclectic Super Brew
    Dyslexic BSE
    Black Bart ESB
    Buccaneer Bitters
    Toe Biter Bitters
    Even Sans Barley of Eff Sans Barley
    Sweet Revenge ESB

  13. I appreciate the punnage on Auctioneer ESB.

  14. suomynona permalink

    Grab Some of this One!
    This’ll Grab You!
    Extra Grab

    Extra Super Beer

    Beer Inside
    Beer, The Mind Killer (stolen from

    Beef* (*product does not actually contain beef)

  15. suomynona permalink

    Beer, It’s what’s for dinner.

    Enlightment Supplied Beer

  16. marc-o-tron permalink

    Okay, I floated this by Vicky, but since I couldn’t remember my password, I had to wait until I remembered to ask Vicky to change my password for me….

    abcdESBa – THE Non-Palindromic Brew

    Probably not a winner, but it’s still funny to me.

  17. suomynona permalink

    Ersatz Special Bitter
    Ersatz Sorority Brew
    Extra Saliva Beer
    The Unamed Beer
    Suckily Named Beer

    And some Anagrams of ‘Extra Special Bitter’:
    Bacteria Experts Lit
    Triplet Bacteria Sex
    Rip Cabaret Textiles
    Battleaxes Trip Rice
    Taxable Critter Pies
    Basalt Tripe Exciter

  18. suomynona permalink

    Enumerated Salamander Belchings

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