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by VM Brasseur on September 19th, 2005

Aye, you filthy landlubbers, ’tis Talk Like a Pirate Day! So avast ye, shiver yer timbers and heave ho!

T’honor the day, FirstStep be flying different colors today. Aye, that she be. All up the Jolly Roger! Arrr!

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  1. The Brasseurs permalink

    Arrrrrgh, me hearty! Anyone who don’t understand and honor this day should be gutted and fed to the sharks. Me seadog, Nova will come and do the dirty to ‘um!

  2. The Brasseurs permalink

    ARRRRRRRRRF! quote Nova.

  3. Aye, that be some serious pun damage matey. Man the bilge pumps.

  4. Wow, you managed to get YOURDOMAIN.COM?!?

  5. What, you mean “” Yeah, no problem. .com, .net, .org all at once. It’s not like v-m-b-r-a-s-s-e-u-r spells a real word or anything. No one would think to squat on it (like they have on

  6. Ooooohhhh… OK, I see what you mean. The thing in the sidebar. Pay no attention to that. It’s an out-of-box blurb that came with the Pirate theme. It’ll b e going away once FirstStep goes back to its usual look/feel.

    Though the pirates are pretty keen. Maybe they’ll stick around another day or so.

  7. Yarr! Did ye hear about the new pirate movie? It’s rated “Arrr”!

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