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That's where they make the coffee, right?

by VM Brasseur on July 20th, 2006

I’m off to Seattle for the weekend. Hannah Capua, the cutest baby in the state of Washington and a leading contender for the cutest baby in the U.S.A., is turning the corner on her first year of life and I’m going to be there to help celebrate. That and it gives me a good excuse to go to Seattle. Finally.

In my absence, don’t be shy about posting your name suggestions for the ESB. I’ll probably be making a selection when I get back on Sunday.

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  1. The fish-throwing dudes at Pike’s Place? Not as impressive as I’d expected.

    However, JoiseyGirl, those little donuts were deeeeee-lish.

    Oh, and traffic leaving downtown Seattle around 4:30pm on a Friday completely bites my butt.

    To bed with me now. It’s been a long day.

  2. A one year-old’s birthday party is far more involved a thing than I’d have expected. The house was cleaned, the food was cooked and all things went well. I, however, am a very tired guest.

    And no one ever told me that when Seattle gets a freak heat wave it gets humid. I thought I left this crap behind me in Michigan. My flight leaves around 9am tomorrow and I’m looking forward to the nice dry oven of Sonoma County.

  3. Yeah, whatever. “Nice dry oven” ain’t so great when it’s 106 bleeding degrees outside.

    So, yes, I’m back. Still tired. Still warm. The plans to make a nice quiche for dinner have been scrapped in favor of a cold tomato salad, a day spent on the couch watching Veronica Mars and vegging near the cat and then an early bedtime. Moira who, by the way, was very pleased to see me back. Despite the heat she still wants to lay next to me in the path of the venting of my hot laptop. Silly feline.

    Anyway, I was glad to go and glad to be back. Pictures are forthcoming but not today.

  4. JoiseyGirl permalink

    Ah, the little donuts – how I miss them. Seattle traffic, on the other hand, not so much. Sorry the fish guys disappointed, some days they are more impressive than others. As for that nice dry oven – um, could you turn it town 20 or 30 degress before our trip? Otherwise, 4-mile days might start to look appealing.

  5. Well, I’ll see what I can do about the weather but unfortunately that piece of Earth functionality falls outside of my aegis. Let’s hope that being further north will cool things off for us by the time you and Bekkos arrive in mid-August.

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