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Hannah's First Birthday Princess Weekend

by VM Brasseur on July 25th, 2006

This past weekend I made my first ever trip to the Pacific Northwest to share in celebrating Hannah’s first ever birthday. Like any self-respecting pseudo-aunt, I took plenty of pictures. Most of them have been posted here in the photo album.

My advance apologies, Hannah’s family, for the captions. I started out trying to be all serious and the like but things rapidly degraded to the level of The Daily Mumps. It was just more entertaining for me that way.

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  1. That is one cute baby. We are impressed.

  2. Yeah, she turned out pretty well. Which is good, since I think they lost the receipt in the move to Seattle.

  3. JoiseyGirl permalink

    I think it’s terribly unfair that adults can’t smear their birthday cake all over their face and have everyone think it’s cute.

    I vote all FirstStep readers ban together and change this. I volunteer to lead the way and proudly wallow in my cake this year.

    We CAN make a difference.

  4. I’ve never seen the Anti-Cake-Smearing Enforcers lurking about my neighborhood, so I strongly suspect that should cake smearing occur the offense would go unpunished.

    So smear with pride, JoiseyGirl! Hell, if you need warming up and practice, just let me know and I’ll have cake (but no fork) waiting for you when you arrive in August.

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