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A FirstStep Challenge

by VM Brasseur on July 27th, 2006

The commercial floral industry is a dirty, ugly thing. No, really it is. Few “agricultural” industries use quite as much gunk and chemicals on their products as the floral. Those pretty posies are pure poison.

Despite my usual moral indignation at such things, I hereby throw down the gauntlet to all FirstStep readers. Forget for a moment the ickiness involved in growing them, and sometime in the next week get off your miserable duff and give flowers to someone. Family, friend, coworker or stranger. Armful of roses or handful oxalis picked from your neighbor’s yard. It matters nary a whit so long as it makes someone happy at the other end (other than your neighbor who I’m sure is pleased to be rid of the oxalis).

So get ye hence and start thy quest! Go!

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  1. Father B permalink

    We already did this week.Dad brought me home some flowers earlier this week and I picked some up and put them on his side of the bed yesterday.

  2. Ah, see, once again I miss the start of a trend. Well, at least I can advertize for it now that it’s off and rolling.

    And participate as well, I should point out. My flowers for the week were ordered last night and ought to be delivered today (if the florist is to be believed). The recipient won’t be named yet as it would ruin the surprise.

  3. And just let me say that I love the small business owners of America. I just got a call from the [out-of-town] florist from which I ordered said flowers. She couldn’t locate the recipient’s address using Mapquest. Google Maps to the rescue! While we were on the line I looked up the address and gave her general directions. She said she’d stop by and deliver the goods on her way home.

    Man, it’s really great when people don’t suck. Such a pleasant surprise.

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