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Mendocino to Lassen and back again

by VM Brasseur on August 28th, 2006

This year’s vacation was spent driving over 1000 miles and hiking what sometimes felt almost as far. OK, yes, the last part of that was unforgivable hyperbole.

What started out as a trip to the Snow Mountain Wilderness in the Mendocino National Forest ended on the other side of the state in Lassen National Volcanic Park.

Before it fell off my radar of things to do, I’ve managed to pound through the photos for the trip and get them posted here. There are 106 of them, as I have a digital camera and am not afraid to use it (and then subject ya’ll to the results).

View in good health. Post any questions, comments, etc. here.

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  1. Father B permalink

    Your poor little car! We hope you gave it a nice bath later. That looks like beautiful country. We liked the little froggie – but not the fly. Didn’t you see other animals?

  2. I sincerely hope that you instituted a running joke about Bumpass Hell while in Lassen – gotta keep the butt humor going! See:
    for a photo of the place – it was actually pretty cool with the mudpots and steam and smelliness such a place should have.

    Looks like you had fun!

  3. As of yet the poor little car hasn’t received a bath. Maybe this weekend, if I can fit it in. The only animals I saw are the ones of which there are pics. There weren’t even a lot of birds and the ones there were didn’t want to sit still long enough to get photos taken.

    We didn’t get the chance to visit Bumpass Hell while we were there, so it didn’t work its way into the running joke repertoire. We did notice it on the map, though.

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