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Weekend Culinary Plans

by VM Brasseur on October 13th, 2006

When the cat is away…

So the planned culinary conquests for the weekend:

The ice cream is in progress as I type. The beef bourguignon cannot possibly slip as I’m having people (kids, even!) over for dinner that day. The only part which might not happen is the stout but as I don’t have a lot of other opportunity to do that it’ll most likely be happening on Sunday before I host my dinner.

Busy busy busy…

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  1. suomynona permalink


    Popcorn (as ceareal, you know in a bowl with milk) for breakfast rocks!

    Such a great idea!

    (Popcorn a little salt a spoonful of sugar and milk, Yum!)

  2. suomynona permalink

    Do you want oatmeat stout names now or later?

  3. Later will be fine. But you’re of course free to start thinking of them now. 🙂

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