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For your entertainment

by VM Brasseur on October 24th, 2006

Things are going to be fairly slow around here for the next few days (yeah, like they’re usually just jumping). There’s a lot of work to get done plus I’ll be up in Ashland, Oregon from Thursday through Sunday for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

So to keep you occupied in the meantime…

There. That ought to keep you out of trouble until I can get back.

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  1. eunos94 permalink

    I kid you not, the stoned cocker spaniel story was a “driveway moment” for me today. Bless you NPR, bless you.

  2. You too? I sat there transfixed by the description of the slimy toad plopping out of the Lady’s mouth, white from being sucked on by the dog.

  3. eunos94 permalink

    The part that cracked me up was the family out back searching for toads because they knew they wouldn’t get back to sleep until they got Lady high again. Damned enablers!

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