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You mean it’s all mine?!?

by VM Brasseur on September 23rd, 2005

I mean, like, ya know, the whole darn thing? Whoa that’s, like, cool.

When was the last time I had an entire weekend where I did not have plans to do something with someone? I’ve been trying to remember and as near as I can tell it’s been since before I moved. That places the last free weekend somewhere back in June. Yowza.

I love my friends, don’t get me wrong. Without them I would be a miserable withered embittered shrew of a human. But there’s something to be said for not having to rush off to some event or occassion or meeting every single weekend.

Of course I have plans for these next few days. Don’t be daft. I fully intend to have a smashing time. There’ll be a mecca to Berkeley Bowl and perhaps a trip to Ikea since I’ll be in the East Bay anyway. A trip to the Bowl is usually followed by spending a lot of time cooking something, so I can expect that to happen. Catching a matinee of Corpse Bride is an absolute must, naturally. The Petaluma Outdoor Antique Fair is this weekend, so that’ll probably make the docket.

Which isn’t to say that I’m avoiding seeing other people this weekend. Should anyone care to join me in my endeavors they’ll be very welcome to do so. I’m just not making any advance plans with them, that’s all.

And it should go without saying that a fair chunk of time will be spent on the couch with Moira. There are three Netflix which need watching, after all. The festivities kick off tonight with the first disc of the second season of Northern Exposure. Oh those kooky Alaskans and their wacky backwoods hijinks.

I can hardly wait. This is going to be great. An entire weekend. Wheee!

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  1. marculon-1 permalink

    I got to work at 7:25 today.


    don’t worry, i’m fine.

  2. marculon-1 permalink

    hey, my previous post didn’t work!
    well, anyway, have fun at berkeley bowl, and maybe pick up a weird fruit from the middle section or something for me.

  3. anonymous permalink

    So, we went to see the corpse bride.

    I liked it, but I am pretty sure Nightmare before Christmas had a better story, this one just seemed a bit … haphazard….

  4. I did not get a chance to see Corpse Bride today. As it turns out, I spent far too much time meandering about the East Bay to get back to Petaluma before the matinees were over. Oh, but what a splendid trip to the EB. I knew it was destined to be good when I got into my car (for the first time since Monday), turned on the radio and Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes—my favorite song—was playing.

    First a slow wander through Ikea. No, nothing purchased. Unfortunately I talked myself out of everything. By that time it was after 11:00 and this early bird had worked off her morning worm. So I called a friend and arranged to meet for lunch. Why, after all, should I eat alone? As my friend and I were wandering discussing where to eat lunch what should happen but we should meet two more friends! Lunch immediately becomes a foursome, and what a pleasant lunch it is. Fresh mozzarella, roasted tomatoes and pesto in half of a baguette, liberally spiced with good company. The day is already good and I haven’t yet gotten to the Bowl!

    Parting ways with my friends, I drive across Berkeley to my destination. I’ve already steeled my resolve for the typical 20+ minute wait for parking, but lo! A parking spot! Directly across from the door! God apparently wants me to buy produce, and who am I to argue? By the time I reach the checkout lane my hand basket is overflowing and I need both hands to carry it. Sheer bliss.

    Target is next on the list, but on my way I see another foodie destination, Monterey Market. Well, since I’m here and all… Less than $5.00 out the door and I have organic beets and romanita tomatoes (destined for the oven, swaddled in a decadent amount of olive oil, I assure you) plus other treasures. Then Target. And Trader Joe’s. And Petco. And Whole Foods.

    Oy! The food I bought! I could feed a family of four for at least a week. Apples (innumerable types) and greens and peppers and beans (leguminous, of course, because I didn’t already have six or seven pounds at home) and Chinese eggplant (what’m I gonna do with it? Why COOK IT, of course!) and five different squashes. I’m a very happy girl indeed. I repeat: sheer bliss.

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