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I love my office

by VM Brasseur on September 28th, 2005

The company is great and the people are fantastic, but what I really love is the small dark room where I spend all of my time during the week.

My office is located in the “nether regions” of the company space. It’s typically described as “cave-like” though for the life of me I don’t know why. Sure, the sterile florescent lights remain off in favor of the pleasant indirect glow given off by two small lamps. And, sure, there are days when I don’t know what the weather is like outside since I have no windows. But cave-like?

This space is better decorated than my own apartment. I have a charming little green bookshelf to hold my geek texts and tea set. There’s a mustard yellow comfy chair for reading said geek texts. There is, of course, the Big Blue Bouncy Ball which passes for my desk chair. In the far corner a coworker is storing a baby blue Adirondack chair which has the word “b-e-a-c-h” cut out of the slats which make up the back. Next to it is the fake ficus (my “fake-us”). Tieing it all together is a small but potent area rug, two virulent shades of green swirling together in a pseudo-psychadelic pattern.

Being all by myself in the furthest reaches of the office allows me to be free of the headphones. Speakers pointed directly at me and far from the door, the volume can get a bit excessive at times. And if I want to play something questionably tasteful, there’s no worries. Zappa? Bring it on. Tom Waits? Let ‘er rip. Opera? OK, that might need to get turned down a little.

Besides that, I’m well-hidden back here. I can see no one and no one can see me as I sit at my desk, tucked behind my monitor. The advantage of this is that I can do all sorts of stupid stuff, should the urge arise. For example, if, say, Patty Griffin’s Tony were to come up in the playlist, my monitor camoflage would allow me to perform some highly emphatic lip syncing without the embarassment normally associated with such activities when performed in the office.

Yeah, it’s great. Downright close to ideal, I’d warrant. Add this to the highly extensive list of reasons why my life doesn’t suck.

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  1. marculon-1 permalink

    my office is pretty much the exact opposite of yours. which i suppose could be added to the list of reasons why my life does suck. but it doesn’t really suck, as such, there’s just room for improvement.

    for example, if i had a desk rather than file cabinets and a slab of formica, my life would be improved a bit. if i wasn’t perpetually freezing my tail off, my life would be better. even a “fake-us” would be nice.

    on the other hand, my office mate is pretty cool. we like tracey.

  2. This requires pictures.

  3. It does, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, my digital camera gave up the ghost a number of months ago and I’ve yet to come up with the financial wherewithal to replace it. So FirstStep isn’t going to be multimedia for a while. Sorry about that.

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