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Gloating is bad

by VM Brasseur on February 16th, 2007

I was going to post about how beautiful the weather was here today. Then I thought that for the sake of my friends back East perhaps I ought to keep my comments to myself.

So, um, sorry all. I’m sorry the weather sucks big ol’ rocks for you right now. Honest, I am. Your weather will improve soon (hard to get worse, really). And I’m sure the snow will be all gone by June. July at the latest.

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  1. Your Folks permalink

    Thanks….I think.

  2. JoiseyGirl permalink

    hey, now – you just keep that to yourself unless you want us to start gloating over sane gas prices and affordable houses.

  3. There will be a week in June that we’ll be happy about still having the snow around to cool us off, because the weather will go from freezing to furnace-ish overnight.

  4. sara permalink

    Ah, I miss California Februaries. We had a mostly spring-like day on Sat, but it’s *shockingly* raining now.

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