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Doja Blue

by VM Brasseur on March 13th, 2007

Doja Blue

This is Doja Blue. She belongs to the son of a coworker and came in to spend the day at the office. Because we have an elderly canine who also comes in, Doja got to spend the day in my office sleeping on my couch so she didn’t unintentionally knock anyone over with that big happy tail of hers. Her favorite pastimes appear to be giving big sloppy kisses, sleeping and farting. Aside from that latter foible it’s been really great having her spend the day with me. It’s a shame that she and her human are leaving at 1pm today.

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  1. Your Folks permalink

    The doggy is cute,but that couch sure looks familiar – looks like it came from MSU many many years ago.Yes,I remember carrying that a few times.

  2. Hey, I’m getting my $7.00 out of that couch, thankyouverymuch.

  3. Still have my $8 couch as well, currently sitting in our game room. One of Hoover’s favorite spots to nap.

  4. You have a couch in your office? How cool is that? I have a whiteboard that has a sheep drawn upon it, and a set of bookshelves that are only 20% full.

  5. Yeah, a couch and a comfy chair. Four white boards. A bookshelf. A filing cabinet. Three lamps from Ikea. A couple of throw pillows and a blanket for the couch. A funky neon-green tiger-striped rug. A yoga ball for a chair. It’s pretty comfy in here. My actual desk area takes up a very small percentage of the space.

    How did this post about a canine visitor turn into a discussion about the furnishings in my office?

  6. I have wall ports for oxygen and NO2 in my office.
    (Converted surgical room!)

  7. Wait, your office has a port for nitrous oxide? Does it also have a beer fountain?

  8. suomynona permalink

    I have a Piano in mine.

    And a Victorla, and 2 trombones, and a violin, and an accordion.

    And a life like stuffed chicken.

  9. And a Tiki god. Don’t forget about the Tiki god or you’ll incur his wrath.

    Oh, and very orange curtains. You have those, too.

  10. JoiseyGirl permalink

    Megan wins.

    I want NO2 ports in my office! Man, that could really help me deal with a few people around here.

  11. man, i have serious office envy. i have nothing! not even a real desk, just a countertop across filing cabinets. 🙁

  12. Yes, but you see, by reusing those materials for a desk your office is far more environmentally responsible than any of ours.

    (how’s that for spin?)

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