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Cheesemaking class!

by VM Brasseur on March 20th, 2007

For Christmas this past year Rat got me an introductory cheesemaking class at my local homebrew store, The Beverage People. Even though class didn’t meet until March the gift still ranked near the top of the pile for me this year.

Bob and Nancy, the great people who were teaching the class, didn’t mind in the least that I wanted to snap pictures of everything. Here are forty of the ones which turned out well enough to share:

Enter the album.

Thanks tons, Rat! I really enjoyed the class and will be sending you that paneer recipe just as soon as I can.

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  1. Your Folks permalink

    Gee, those are cheesy pictures.

  2. They’d better be, otherwise your eldest was just throwing away her money on a class for me. 🙂

    I sent that photo link to the good people at the homebrew store, now they’re asking whether I’d like to do some work for them. In a word: Eek! Things are crazy busy for me right now so I’d be a first-class idiot* to take on anything new. But I’m sure I could fit in a few hours of consulting some weekend in return for homebrew/wine/cheese or supplies for same. 😉

    * If you’re going to go, go first class

  3. Your Folks permalink

    That sounds great. By the way, we’ve never considered you a “first Class Idiot” though we’ve heard Moira comment about it.

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