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Welcome back to the digital age

by VM Brasseur on October 10th, 2005

It’s been almost a year now (maybe longer) since my Minolta gave up the ghost and because of it I’ve missed many a photo op. No longer! Please give a warm interweb welcome to my brand spankin’ new Canon PowerShot A520 digital camera. Yes, this means that FirstStep has officially gone multimedia.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still spend the words if you want. So knowing me I’ll probably blow more pixels than ever babbling away about whatever images to which I deem my audience fit to be subjected.

Sleeping MoiraTo inaugurate the new camera I’ve taken a half dozen pictures of my cat like any self-respecting pet owner. Here’s a lovely little image of Moira. She looks deceptively peaceful, doesn’t she? Not at all the yowling complaining creature many of you have heard over the phone.

And fret not, those of you who are eagerly awaiting pics of my new apartment. They’re forthcoming. Once I can get the place cleaned up again, that is. I’d hate to immortalize my dirty dishes.

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  1. The Brasseurs permalink

    Interesting, so you drugged your cat and took her picture….

  2. No, she probably had just eaten or something like that. Goodness knows the silence didn’t last long.

  3. Aaawwwww, kitty. Give her a scritch on the head for me.

  4. Quizzart permalink

    Very nice picture of Moira, did you tell her she is very photogenic?

  5. I don’t have to tell her that. She’s a cat and therefore already knows. Just like she knows that we all should fall to our knees, prostrate before the splendour that is her.

  6. JoiseyGirl permalink

    Mo kitty’s not fooling me. That zen-like, peaceful thing is just an act – designed to lure me in close enough to bite. Or scratch. Or yowl at.

    (She says, speaking from experience.)

  7. Biting and scratching doesn’t happen tooooo often, but she more than makes up for it in the yowling department. She’s got something to say and is cat enough to say it.

  8. That would be my beast as well. Hoover ALWAYS has something to say. And when the woman comes over, there is even MORE to say.

  9. Moira does not descriminate between genders. She complains equally to everyone.

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