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Coffee Table Books

by VM Brasseur on May 17th, 2007

I feel the need to post but don’t have a topic. So instead I bring you a list of the books which are currently sitting on my coffee table. Almost all of them contain a bookmark already.

Of all these, only The Foraging Gourmet has been read in its entirety and needs to be put on the shelf. We won’t even start on the other books in which I’m in the middle but which currently aren’t sitting on my coffee table…

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  1. JoiseyGirl permalink

    if a book isn’t worth diving into immediately, regardless of how many other books you are in the middle of – it’s probably not worth reading. Of course, I have several piles of half-read books lying around my own house, so my opinion may be a bit biased. And I just bought 4 new books at a really great bookshop in Massachussetts this weekend – and started two of them. Sigh. Maybe I need to get a life.

  2. The time I have to read right now is only slightly more than the time I have to watch my Netflix which itself is only very slightly more than zero. Alas. Maybe when/if I start riding the bus again that’ll all change.

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