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Reason #837 Why We Love Megan

by VM Brasseur on May 25th, 2007

Me: Megan! I found dessert for the BBQ on Monday! Bacon-Maple Cupcakes!
Megan: That rocks! I’m doing it!

She’s so great it almost brings a tear to your eye. Yay, Megan!

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  1. We’re totally making these for our little get-together with The Joisey Goil. I’ll be selecting a particularly succulent one of my underlings to give up his life for this particular joyous thing. My life shall be complete.

  2. Father B permalink

    That sounds like the ultimate Canadian desert!

  3. K, your Porculence. Spill it. How’d your cupcakes turn out? Ours were good but the recipe has leavening issues. Megan’s going to work her magic on it to make it foolproof.

    So were yours good, too?

  4. JoiseyGirl permalink

    The sacrifice of the Pig Overlord’s Underling for cupcakes was well received – especially since they went so well with the ribs. The maple-bacon cupcakes rocked, as did the chocolate thingies with the hooch poured over them, for which the Pig Overlady will have to provide deets.

  5. Chocolate + hooch? Brilliant!

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