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by VM Brasseur on July 12th, 2007

For a change all of the ozone-killing gas in my town isn’t coming from the belching dairy cows (which might outnumber people around here).

No, instead it’s coming from the massive hole which was punched into the gas line. The hole about the diameter of a large bowling ball. In the gas main less than a block from my apartment.

The gas rushing out of the hole is incredibly loud. It sounds like an airliner is warming up just outside my window.

The street is blocked off and there are police and firemen standing around everywhere. They all tell me that there’s no danger (“…just don’t light the BBQ or anything…”) and that the sea breezes are blowing the gas away (“…for now…”) and that, anyway, “…nothing has blown up.” These are actual quotes. Note: Nowhere in the phrase “To Protect and Serve” does it include the word “Reassure.”

So, um…yeah. In truth my main concern right now is the noise. If they can’t plug that hole (or…and here’s a crazy idea…TURN OFF THE BLOODY GAS) then there’s no way I’ll be able to get any sleep tonight. As a last resort a certain geriatric feline and I might be taking a trip down to the office to sack out on my couch there.

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  1. Update:
    The wooshing was gone by the time I got up today. Some streets are still blocked off but it looks like the primary work is done.

  2. I’m glad your street is OK!

    Yo! Chemistry lady says – the ozone layer has nothing to do with greenhouse gases like methane, nor climate change.

    Stratospheric ozone (which is a good thing) is being depleted by CFCs and the
    like. Ground-level ozone (which is a bad thing) is produced by lightning, street cars and combustion engines, and is a component of smog. FWIW.

  3. I sit corrected!

    It’s handy knowing brilliant people. 🙂

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