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by VM Brasseur on July 30th, 2007

This morning while racing around trying to get out the door and to the office in time for a conference call with our overseas contractors I noticed something odd. Everywhere in the house that Moira likes to frequent had overnight gained one or more dark pink spots. Hrm…

After rescheduling all of my meetings for the day I came home from the office as early as I could. The vet was able to get us in at 11:30.

Poke, prod, listen. No diagnosis after the initial examination. The vet (not our usual vet, who I guess is off on Mondays) asked to keep her for the rest of the day so they could get blood and urine samples. I got to go back and see her in the cage they put her in. I didn’t like seeing her in a cage. I don’t like how the house feels without her here right now.

So now I get to go back to the office and try to get something done while burdened with worry for the geriatric feline. I’m afraid they’ll tell me that it’s advanced kidney disease. The kidneys are an aged cat’s built-in nemesis and in a battle of kidneys v. cat the cat usually does not come out on top.

Cross your fingers for my kitten.

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  1. Mom & Dad B permalink

    For what its worth, our thoughts and prayers are with the both of you. Best of luck.
    Mom & Dad

  2. They sent her home this evening after drawing up all the labwork and giving her subcutaneous fluids. The doc didn’t want to say what she thinks is up until she sees the lab results. She said it’s worth my concern but that it’s likely not life-threatening. Which, actually, makes me feel a lot better.

    Now I have a VERY irate and uncomfortable feline slinking around the house and avoiding all contact. I am humana non grata and get hissed at whenever I approach. This, I think, is better than the alternative of not having taken her to the doctor at all.

    Anyway, lab results will be in tomorrow morning. We’ll see what they have to say.

  3. marc-o-tron permalink

    Get better mo’kitty! I haven’t seen you in too long!

    And Vicky, please give her a generous scritch under the jawline for me 🙂

  4. It was a rough night for both of us. When we first went to bed she curled up to me so tightly, laying her head on my arm. After she moved from there I found she’d sprung a slow leak and there was a patch of cat urine on my bed. So at 11pm I was up with the carpet cleaner and upholstery attachment, cleaning my mattress. Later in the night she slid off the pillow onto the floor. I heard her hit the ground and woke up, completely freaked out. We walked around for a bit and she ate something (first time since she’d come back from the vet), so that ended up OK.

    All night I woke any time she moved, making sure she didn’t fall again. When I left this morning (early, for another overseas conference call) she seemed in decent enough spirits and didn’t seem any worse. I’m looking forward to getting her started on medication today to try to wipe out whatever this is.

  5. Diagnosis: treatable infection which could have gotten ugly w/o care. Tonight she starts a two-week course of antibiotic injections which ought to smack this thing down. Hopefully she’ll start feeling better in a couple of days.

  6. I’m, like, a pro at giving injections to cats. Two seconds and it’s over. She never knew what hit her. Muahaha! Man, this has pills totally beat. Proof? Moira is still speaking to me and I still have all of my precious blood in my body.

    OK, meds, make with the antibioticking. There’s a cat what needs better-getting.

  7. suomynona permalink

    I let my vet do all the injections. She’s quite happy to make house calls any time of day or night. I highly suggest her services.

  8. In the battle of Hoover vs the pills, Hoover wins unless it’s the vet doing. I just can’t get the hang of it.

  9. If you don’t mind needles too much, I highly recommend the injection route. Day 2 and Mo still hasn’t cared about getting medicated. Quick and easy.

  10. I’m happy to hear Mo’s getting treated. I was really worried about her! Give her a pat from me, eh?

  11. The Pig’s pat will be delivered this evening.

    As a certain feline is still suffering from a slow leak, last night she was banished from the bed. I blocked off the steps she uses to get up there, thinking her bad hips would prevent her from jumping up to join me. Turns out the hips aren’t as bad as I thought (or just ignored the pain) since she jumped up there three times in the night. When I wasn’t waking up to put her off the bed then I was waking up to her complaining about not being able to get on the bed.

    So it was another night of little sleep for both of us. She, at least, can nap all day.

  12. Could you give her some kind of mat to lay on, something absorbent? She wuvs you, Vicky!

  13. If she would stay in one place the mat idea would be perfect, but felines are fickle beasties. She likes to move all over the bed, including crawling under the blankets to cuddle up.

    Thankfully, the issue appears to have been mooted by the powers of the almighty antibiotics. She was allowed back in bed last night. Her pillows were gone (getting washed), which was slightly traumatic but overall she was a much much happier geriatric kitten. And I was actually able to catch a few hours of sleep in a row.

  14. suomynona permalink

    Perhaps she needs a sausage

  15. No, she doesn’t need a sausage. Or beans. Or a sausage made out of beans (though I might need that one).

  16. suomynona permalink

    Maybe, Sausage made out of Bacon?

  17. No sausage of any sort. Not even salmon.

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