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by VM Brasseur on August 16th, 2007

I only have one memory card for my camera. When it filled up during my trip I dumped the files from the card onto Tom’s laptop then transferred them to my home server here for safekeeping. Then, because I’m a good guest who cleans up after herself, I deleted them from Tom’s machine. And since the purpose of the dump in the first place was to free up space on the card, I deleted them from there as well. 182 photos cleaned up.

Unfortunately, also 182 photos completely hosed during file transfer. The going theory is that they were transferred as ASCII files rather than binary. Bloody Windows software. Doesn’t matter. My photos are hosed. My pics of the Fosters and the Rhomans and the zoo and aaaaaall sorts of other things are completely trashed.

Sure, the 161 photos from Monday and Tuesday are fine (and some go so far as to kick ass), but that’s small consolation right now. I’m steamed.

Fair warning: the first person to comment saying, “You should have just bought a new card” gets their head verbally ripped off, then sent to Quantico, VA to tilt the windmill of locating a store that sells SD cards.

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  1. Oh man that sucks.

    Is it true that every byte transfered has bit 7 turned off? ‘Cause then you can just write a program that tries flipping them on in every possible combination until you get a valid JPEG file.

    If that doesn’t work (for some reason the phrase “lifetime of the universe” is playing in my head), there are these consolation prizes:

    …you get the idea.

  2. Geek though I am, it’s only low-grade. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve never flipped a bit in my life and that offhand I wouldn’t know where to start (well, OK, I’d start with Google). They don’t teach you these things in Ancient Greek classes.

    I’ll be seeing Guy on Monday, so maybe I’ll pick his brain.

  3. suomynona permalink

    It appeared to me that some \r got deleted from the file (i’m guessing \r\n -> \n conversion) taking a quick look through one of them showed about 4000 \n that may or not be missing a \r, doing some quick guessing to try and repair one wasn’t fixing it up. I was guessing the next step was to read the jpeg spec parse the file and see were a \r would be good… cause I don’t feel like sitting through viewing 160 * 2^4000ish photos 🙂

  4. suomynona permalink

    Okay goot of my ass and made a program to walk along inserting bytes. I have partially repaired 1 image Woo!

  5. suomynona permalink

    I have the image repaired! Woot, Now to just make the script better.

  6. suomynona permalink

    And now I have a tcl/tk gui app for interactively walking along and inserting \r where needed.

    Death to ascii mode!

  7. Guy is hero of the month!

    The UI works well. Enter a location (or next/previous), check the image, compare against best-so-far, save fix, repeat until the image is all cleaned up. It’s not a quick process and it’s not exactly big fun, but it’s very effective.

    Eight images salvaged so far and one located which can’t be fixed at all. It’ll take a while to get all the decent photos cleaned up, but at least it’s possible now. There’s hope of once again being able to see that picture of a panda wearing a milk crate on its head. Hurrah!

  8. Also, a new 2G SD card has been installed in the camera. At an estimated capacity of 968 photos (at the current size/resolution), I ought to be covered for a while.

  9. Mom & Dad B permalink

    Good job Guy!

  10. Yeah, he pretty much rocks. 🙂

  11. tomspartan16 permalink

    Next time we’ll leave the images on my laptop until you get home and ensure the viability of the send. Good luck using the “Reparo!” spell.

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