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Is there a fish doctor in the house?

by VM Brasseur on August 22nd, 2007

My office sports many things. There’s a life-sucking couch. There’s a comfy reading chair. There’s indirect lighting. There’s a lot of funky decorating a’la Ikea.

There’s also a fish tank. That’s where Shuriken, the fabulous blue betta, lives. Well…lives so far. I came in this morning and he was listing to one side and barely moving. A fish-knowledgeable coworker and I discovered mold in his tank (he’s been breathing mold! Mold! poor little guy) and did a complete water swap.

Now it’s a waiting game. Will Shuriken pull through? He’s moving slightly more than earlier this morning, so maybe there’s hope. We’ll see.

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  1. Methinks the end is nigh. He’s pretty much lying on his side now, his gills laboring pretty hard.

  2. sara permalink

    Oh, that sucks. Hope he pulls through.

  3. suomynona permalink

    I had a beta live for 1.5 years lying on his side….

  4. That’s just weird.

    Piscene update: I’m still thinking he’s on his last fin. He slowly makes his way to the top of the tank once in a while but once there he stops swimming and just sinks to the bottom. Sometimes he ends up draped over the branch of a plastic plant on the way down.

    If he makes it through the night I’ll be very surprised indeed.

  5. The next day:
    Shuriken is still hanging in there, but just barely. The fins hardly flutter and the gills aren’t moving as much as before. But he’s not lying on his side on the rocks, so maybe this is his version of an improvement.

  6. Noticed:
    When he swims to the top of the tank to peek his snout out of the water he wears himself out. Now he’s been moved to a much shallower convalescence bowl so he can save his energy for healing up.

    Yes, I’m putting a lot of effort into keeping a $4 fish alive.

    Yes, it’s kinda pathetic that I keep posting about it.

    But you’re reading it. Besides, what else is the web about if not inane things like the welfare of someone’s pet fish?

  7. Dang, but he’s a tough little guy. Day 3: still going. Not going strong, but going. Kinda looks like he’s taken a turn for the worse though.

  8. A coworker was in the office today and left a message for me saying that Shuriken is still hanging in there.

  9. …and lived still when I was in the office earlier this morning. I gave him some food on the (ever-increasing) chance that he will live for a while. Can he maneuver himself to reach the food? Not sure. But at least he has some. Perhaps that will serve as inspiration.

  10. And the saga is over. I came into the office this morning to find a dead fishie. Well, at least it didn’t come as a surprise. Now I’ll have to scrub out the tank and prepare it for a new occupant.

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