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And speaking of pleas for attention…

by VM Brasseur on August 29th, 2007

And now, my daily moment of passive aggresion.

Memo to coworker:

No one—and I mean no one—finds it amusing or even slightly entertaining when you come into the office at 7am and shout, “Gooooood mooOOOORRrning!” in an obnoxious sing-songy voice.

No one. Especially the person in the office outside of which you did said sing-songing.

Please throttle back your caffeine intake on your morning commute and try to moderate your enthusiasm. I know it’s hard, but we’ll all thank you for it.

Moment has passed. Thank you for sharing it with me.

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  1. Mom & Dad B permalink

    Let say from the wilds of Michigan that Victoria was NEVER a morning person. Be afraid!

  2. Getting up between 5:30 and 5:45am almost every day makes me “not a morning person?”

    Criminy… How early does a person have to get up to qualify? Those poor poor schlubs… And I thought I had it bad.

  3. Mom & Dad B permalink

    Try 5 AM everyday.

  4. JoiseyGirl permalink

    I’m with you – I don’t get up nearly that early, and I still get irritated with the banal good morning routine in my office. Someone who has say over whether or not I get a raise comes to our end of the hall every morning saying “good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning…..” and on and on. There are only three of us, and we all hear the first “good morning”. I have stopped responding at all, which I may regret when it comes time to review salary increases.

  5. Oh, that’s harsh. At least the person who controls my raises had sympathy when I told him my tale. Well, maybe ‘sympathy’ is the wrong word. He laughed a helluva lot. So he didn’t feel my pain so much as revel in it. Ah, well. That’s why we like him.

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