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Tentative date for the Roman Feast

by VM Brasseur on September 19th, 2007

In honor of the garum I hope to stage a Roman Feast on Saturday, November 10th.

Perhaps “Feast” isn’t the correct noun to use here, as I don’t think I could manage the whole “eating reclined on couches” thing. And there won’t be a vomitorium handy. Or slave boys (alas). Or live animals encased within other dead and cooked animals. There will be, I hope, no food or wine thrown at other guests and the floor show will be non-existent. No, this won’t be anywhere close to Cena Trimalchionis. So perhaps I should just call it my Roman Meal so as to avoid setting up any false expectations.

The guest list is currently at three (myself and the Albertellis (btw, Megan, you’re coming to dinner on Nov. 10th)). I think I’ll be capping it at six. Maybe eight, but probably six. I don’t think my sanity or my table would bear more than that. Not sure yet about the remainder of the party. Feel free to start plying me with adoration and gifts if you’re interested in securing an invite.

The day before has just been logged as a day off from work in order to prep accordingly. Thanks to Amazon, well-researched cookbooks have just been purchased for the event. I’ll have you know this breaks my personal prohibition on buying more cookbooks (I already rarely use the ones I have). Between these two books, the Apicius I already have and Google I think I’ll be well prepared to plan a meal which doesn’t suck. We’ll see. I hope to document the process so you all can learn from my mistakes.

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  1. suomynona permalink

    Oooh! Can I be a slave boy? Or the floor show?

  2. With m4d skillz like yours you could probably be both. I’m already expecting you to be official photographer, just so ya know.

  3. The books, they have arrived. It looks like the hardest part of the preparations (aside from finding a source for things like fresh rue) is going to be limiting the menu since so many of the recipes look worthwhile.

  4. We have invitees! My friend Jerry and his beloved Suzi will be in the area at that time, visiting from lovely North Carolina. Jerry has very graciously accepted my invitation to dinner. Now we are five! Hurrah!

    Note to self: Jerry and Suzi are vegetarian. The average Roman had very little access to meat or animal-based products, so this is no problem for the menu.

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