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Viking Helmet Unleashed

by VM Brasseur on October 22nd, 2007

Marcus in his Knitted Viking Helmet!

Yeah, he’s a stud, drooling like he just drained a tankard of mead. The fine gentleman accompanying him is his dapper father, Shaughnn. You can see now where Marcus gets his good looks.

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  1. JoiseyGirl permalink

    He appears to bellowing something like “bring me another tankard of mead, wench!” Although I can’t imagine Sarah would put up with that for long.

  2. Mom & Dad B permalink

    He looks very cute in his hat – we won’t go into the truth of horns on Viking helmets – it looks good on him.

  3. Hm. I wonder whether Shaughnn has ever tried the “bring me another tankard of mead, wench” line. It seems to work for his son so he might need to look into it.

  4. sara permalink

    We’ve already got the two year helping to load the dishwasher. As soon as she can open the fridge, she may be trained on beer and bottle opener retrieval.

    The Seattle area has a ton of Scandinavians, so the hat is a huge hit here.

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