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Measure twice, Deliver once

by VM Brasseur on November 10th, 2007

Part of the appeal of this space is that I can have a washer/dryer here. So naturally I ran out and bought some, scheduled to be delivered today.

Unfortunately, not only were they slightly too wide but even had they not been they still would have prevented me from opening my back door.


Foolish me, I leapt before I looked.

Back to the drawing board.

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  1. Mom & Dad B permalink

    Measure – see if a stacked set will fit. And then measure again.

  2. No, stacked would not have fit. The primary problem was the depth, not the width.

    New, shallower (and twice as expensive) ones will be delivered on Wednesday. Though they could stack I hope to put them side by side and then install a bit of a countertop above them (and shelves above that on the wall). It’ll be good to have just a little more flat surface to work with.

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