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JR, a history lesson is in order

by VM Brasseur on November 20th, 2007

Please answer this:

Is the Cal Band the first one to ever play Tetris on the field?

It can’t be, can it? I mean, Tetris is just screaming for drill. Just look at it! Those shapes! The moving! The music!

I can’t believe that Cal is the first band to figure this out in the long long history of Tetris. Do you know of any others who have done something like this?

BTW, I’m convinced that had you written it you could have found a way for the completed lines to disappear. 🙂

(Thanks to my folks for the link!)

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  1. I assure you, they are NOT the first to do it. In fact, I did a video game show with a group in West Michigan and used it as part of the show. The opener was called the 8-bit Medley. Started with a sax quartet playing the starting music for Pac Man into Zelda. That went into Tetris, and it was rounded out with a bunch of music from Super Mario Bros. They were definitely not the first, and they definitely will not be the last. Still, it was fun as hell to watch. I’d wanted to do a show like that with a large, talented college band instead of a high school.

  2. So the W. Michigan group had the Tetris shapes “falling” down the field as well?

  3. JoiseyGirl permalink

    Man, I love marching bands. However, it is absolutely inconceivable to me that human beings can do all that fancy-pants marching around, stay in straight lines, form some kind of emergent pattern ALL WHILE PLAYING MUSIC.

  4. JoiseyGirl permalink

    Seriously, folks – I’m having a good day if I can manage to do one of those things (playing music is pretty much out of hte question.) How is this possible?

  5. Think of all the deceptively simple things you do during a day: catch a ball, drive a car, walk while reading. It’s just like that. Only with music.

    In truth none of it is really possible if you don’t know your way around both your instrument and the field really well. You have to be adept enough at both that one single element doesn’t take over your focus. Then you can go on auto-pilot and it just kinda works.

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