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OK, magic brew, kick in

by VM Brasseur on November 26th, 2007

Weeks of dodging the colds of coworkers and friends and days of long hours of work followed by short hours of sleep. It’s all trying to catch up to me today, I think. I’m feeling a little run down and congested and am doing a little of that lung-clearing thing.

Ha! Little does it know that I have a secret weapon! That’s right! A week ago on Sunday I made eight quarts of homemade chicken stock. Tonight’s dinner was dumplings cooked in a quart of said elixir. Powerful mojo, that homemade chicken stock.

Take that, foul virus! You won’t get me! Muahahaha!

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  1. Have I managed to avoid this cold? No, I haven’t. However I have managed to deflect the brunt of it. I’m a little congested and have some fairly pathetic coughing once in a while. I’m also feeling kinda run down, but overall it’s far from debilitating.

    I really do think that the vast quantities of chicken stock is responsible for helping keep symptoms to a minimum. You may think it’s an old wives’ tale, but the University of Nebraska begs to differ. Who am I to argue with a Cornhusker?

    Bob, next time you get sick you or Andrea need to call me STAT so I can get some chicken stock going for you before you go catching pneumonia again. I’ll gladly set you guys up with the stock goodness if it’ll keep people over there well.

  2. tomspartan16 permalink

    what is your recipe for stock? do you then make the soup?

  3. This recipe was:
    6lbs chicken bones (yay, Berkeley Bowl butcher counter)
    2 carrots, just broken up a bit
    2 stalks celery, broken up a bit
    1 onion, quartered
    whole peppercorns

    Cover the lot with water. Bring to a boil then immediately drop to a simmer. Let bubble for eight hours. Strain. Cool, put in the fridge and lift off the solid fat the next day (save the fat in your fridge; schmaltz is TASTY). Portion out (quart size freezer bags work well). Freeze. Thaw/use as needed. This batch made eight quarts.

    Note: no salt. Adding salt during initial cooking ends up making it too salty as things condense. I just salt later when I’m using the stock.

    I’ve been making basic soups out of it thus far, but also used it for the stew I made last weekend. I may make risotto or something with it this week.

  4. tomspartan16 permalink

    Thanks Victoria, Dahling!

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