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Mushroom fairy

by VM Brasseur on January 15th, 2008

My neighbor from across the street, Junior, just stopped by. A friend of his in a town across the hills (Moraga) bequeathed him with a ton of freshly-picked chantarelle mushrooms and he wanted to share with me. Right neighborly!

Mushrooms aren’t my favorite foodstuff but I’d be a fool to pass up free fresh chantarelles. Conveniently, I still have some cream left from the other day and a number of fresh herbs from my shopping trip this past weekend. Tomorrow’s dinner may be pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce (and leftover salmon from tonight).

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  1. OK, I relent. The mushrooms were good. But that could be due to the medium in which they were presented…

    Melt some butter. Add a minced clove of garlic. Add about half a cup of diced chantarells. Sautee until soft. Add a cup of heavy cream and 2 tsp of fresh thyme. Reduce. Meanwhile, cook up some linguini (I used whole wheat). When the cream is reduced salt to taste. Add the drained linguini to the cream and mix. Plate and top with a steamed salmon filet (leftover from yesterday). Spike with chopped parsley. Serve with steamed brussel sprouts and a glass of a nice white wine.

    Yes, this was tasty. Very very tasty, in fact. It was probably even tasty because of the mushrooms rather than in spite of them. But garlic, cream and thyme certainly helped.

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