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Mustela Sauceus

by VM Brasseur on November 22nd, 2005

The combination of sauces and weasels. It’s so simple yet so brilliant. How could we have overlooked it all these years?

The world is sorely lacking in humor involving weasels and condiments. It would be a happier place if more people would step up to fill this gap. Therefore…

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  1. I’m preoccupied with work. I see this pic and think “cute,” and then I think, “crap, I should really know the genus and species of the common laboratory ferret!” (Mustela putorius furo, by the way). But upon googling mustela, the first hit is Mustela, an expensive line of skin care products for pregnant women- people are paying $35 a bottle for this stuff, and it’s basically called weasel lotion! We should definitely start a line of Mustela condiments and charge big bucks for them.

  2. Hold on, wait…

    Someone’s figured out a way to get people to PAY THEM for the chance to rub weasel all over themselves?

    Man, I am so in the wrong business.

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