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by VM Brasseur on April 3rd, 2008

I just discovered that for the past three or so months my washing machine has been hooked up backwards with the hot water hose going to the cold spiggot and the cold to the hot. The guys who delivered it also hooked it up. In their defense the spiggots are in the opposite order than you’d usually expect with the hot one to the right of the cold.

All those loads I washed on cold/cold in order to save energy? Accomplished exactly the opposite. This probably helps explain those higher than expected utility bills I’ve been getting.

The hoses have been reinstalled properly and now the spiggots have nicely printed labels so the next folks to come along don’t suffer the same fate.

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  1. Jocarter7 permalink

    Oh, c’mon — tell us how you figured it out! Did you just decide to stick your hand in while it was filling, or what?

  2. Putting my hand in while filling would be hard as it’s a front-loader. 😉 In truth it was completely accidental that I discovered this at all.

    I usually toss some laundry in and the set the timer so it’ll run overnight. By the time I wake up and move things to the dryer it’s all evened out to the ambient temperature in the house.

    Today I took advantage of working from home to toss a load into the washer. When it was done I grabbed a handful of clothes to put in the dryer and was surprised that they were really warm. Warm, damp things. It was slightly disturbing as it wasn’t expected.

    It didn’t take much after that to figure out what was going on.

  3. JoiseyGirl permalink

    you know, I think I have this same problem. I wash most things cold/cold, but when I transfer things to the dryer, they feel suspiciously warm (even when I let them sit awhile, which makes me think they are getting rinsed in some darned hot water.)

  4. Hm. Maybe it’s normal for washer spiggots to be in the “opposite” order?

    If you check, don’t do what I almost did: unscrew the hoses without turning off the water. Thankfully I noticed that little oversight just in time to avoid a colossal mess.

  5. JoiseyGirl permalink

    doh. so wished I had checked back here before deciding to fix it this weekend – I did exactly the same thing.

    but, yes, it turns out the hoses were switched and now they aren’t. since my brother donated the washing machine to me and installed it for me, I guess I won’t be all smug and snarky about him getting the hoses mixed up.

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