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by VM Brasseur on May 7th, 2008

Diabolical plan commenced!

That is all…for now…

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  1. I like where this is going already.

  2. Could the diabolical plan be to announce the commencement of a diabolical plan, thereby causing torment to those who can’t help but wonder what the diabolical plan could be? How very meta!

  3. Keep in mind that the criteria for being dubbed “diabolical” are somewhat subjective in modern society. Unless you live in the Vatican. They’re very specific on the definition of “diabolical” over there.

  4. JoiseyGirl permalink

    I’m hoping that your definition of diabolical includes tasty food, booze, or sex. Or all three!!
    That would definitely be diabolical.

  5. Alas, it’s nothing so interesting. The MPAA would give the plan a PG rating.

    Now that I think of it, the plan might not even be diabolical at all. It probably doesn’t exceed “impish.”

  6. JoiseyGirl permalink

    pshaw. Impish needs to include at least one of the three. Or maybe something that would count for a venial sin – whereas diabolical needs mortal sin potential.

  7. Criminy! So many things I don’t know about mischievous adjectives! Did they teach you this stuff in Catholic school? It probably came in handy in the Naval Academy for appropriately categorizing the torments to which one could subject a younger midshipman.

  8. Mom & Dad B permalink

    Midshipmen are ranked just above whale poo.

  9. IIRC, whale poo used to be considered quite valuable. I don’t think many people have said the same of the poor midshipmen, Commander.

  10. Mom & Dad B permalink

    The intent of the comment was that Midshipmen are about as low as possible on the earth. The only thing lower is whale poo, which sits at the very bottom of the deepest ocean.

  11. JoiseyGirl permalink

    Midshipment get their college education paid for by YOUR tax dollars, whereas whale poo does not. Thanks for that, by the way.

  12. JoiseyGirl permalink

    And I need to correct dad Brassuer – cadets (both army and airforce) are way lower than either midshipmen or whale poo. Plus, I’m pretty sure whale poo floats.

  13. The lady has a point there…

  14. tomspartan16 permalink

    Air Force cadets are soooo lofty, they soar, and slip the surly bonds of earth. Whale poo and Navel midshipmen will have to remain constrained to the seas and what fills them.

  15. Mom & Dad B permalink

    I can’t comment much about cadets, either Army or Air Force, for I agree that they are lower than whale poo and are lodged somewhere in th ooze of the deep.

    As for whale poo floating, it does so only if the whale has been eating a high fat diet – like politicians.

  16. JoiseyGirl permalink

    or those lofty (read: filled with hot air) air force cadeds.

  17. JoiseyGirl permalink

    make that “cadets.” Clearly, I should avoid making snarky comments before properly caffeinated.

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