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Best. Neighbors. Ever.

by VM Brasseur on June 11th, 2008

Hops!One of my upstairs neighbors dropped by my place the other evening. She, saint that she is, came bearing two baby hops plants. Hops! Real hops! No, we don’t know what variety it is but does it really matter? I mean, there is a worldwide hops shortage right now so any hops is good hops in my book. And any hops that’s growing in my backyard for FREE is the best hops of all. 🙂

So not only do my neighbors pay for my ISP services with wine they also provide free beer ingredients. Short of donating a kidney (which I hope I never need) I’m not sure how much better it can get.

  1. sara permalink

    We grew hops last year and they were our healthiest plants. They really like to climb.

  2. These plants were placed on a railing beneath the upstairs neighbor’s deck. I’m expecting them to climb and practically cover the thing in a couple of months. The vines are very clingy even now. They kept sticking to my fingers while I was repotting the plants.

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