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Climbing back onto the wagon counts as exercise, right?

by VM Brasseur on June 27th, 2008

Things got a bit harried around here in April. Stuff. Things. Issues, perceived and real. They all added up so to gain a little coping time I started skipping the gym. Not a lot, just once a week or so. But that once turned into twice which turned into “OMG I just want to go home and curl up on the couch with the cat and a glass of rum and a brain-candy DVD in the player.”

I’ve been spending a fair chunk of every week working out for years and years but in April I stopped gyming altogether. All physical activity ceased as I curled up into a little pod and hid for a while. Now I have a new problem: I want to start again but I’ve gotten used to being lazy.

Doh! Suddenly what used to be a necessity now feels like an imposition. “What, you mean I have to leave the house AND change into different clothes? Why on earth would I want to do something like that?”

Much mental effort has been expended lately explaining to myself exactly why on earth I want to do something like that. I almost have myself convinced (I think) so hopefully next week I can hop back on the wagon and start working out again. Publicly announcing it here makes it more likely to happen.

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  1. I feel your pain. Jen and I have done that on occasion as well. I think for us, it was a case going beyond just having a gym buddy to keep you honest. It took one of us hitting some trigger, some external stimulus, to stand up and say that it’s time to go back and get serious. For me, that was having a pair of pants be a little tight.

  2. Recognizing that you need a smidge of external inspiration—whether Jen for you or public guilt for me—is a valuable thing. And, really, all that really matters is that you be active. It doesn’t matter much how you got there.

    I returned to the gym today. As I was parking I had visions of them scanning my membership card and looking at me askance. “Haven’t seen YOU for a while, have we? What’s YOUR excuse?” In response to which I imagined either a guilt-ridden and unintelligible yammer or a self-confident, “What’s it to you?” No surprise, but none of the above occurred and I walked in without any impediment.

    This being my first day back in months I forewent the resistance training and did only cardio today. 20 minutes elliptical, 20 minutes treadmill (8% grade at a mere 3.0 mph), 20 minutes recumbent bike.

    It was good to be back. The real test will be whether I convince myself to go on a weekday after day at the office.

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