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Plunge Taken. I've gone Mac.

by VM Brasseur on August 4th, 2008

You may have noticed (or may not) but “work stuff” is a verboten topic here on FirstStep. It’s one of many, really, but it’s definitely near the top of the list. Therefore I won’t talk details but I will say that a recent development proved to be just the flimsy excuse I’ve been looking for to get a replacement for my massive ancient Linux laptop…

Today after work I made a little visit to the Apple store and walked out carrying a shiny new MacBook. It’s small. It’s light (both in color and weight). It’s sleek. It’s fast. Once I managed to locate the Terminal program and proved to myself that yes, Virginia, there is a *NIX command line, I was completely satisfied with my decision.

I’m settling in pretty well so far considering the interface and experience is unlike anything I’m used to but there are still some things which are confusing me. For instance, where in the hell are the page up/page down buttons? Or at least the keyboard combination to replace that functionality? Having only one button on the trackpad is really throwing me for a loop as well. I use a lot of right-click features and now…command key combinations?

It’s obvious that there are going to be some growing pains here but so far I’m really liking the new toy.

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  1. sara permalink

    Shiny! I’m glad I could help out. I’m so jealous.

  2. That’s right, Sara’s an enabler (though she’s not to blame). I called her prior to the purchase to have her talk me down in case I was making the wrong decision. I did this even though I know that she’s entirely enamored of her own Mac. Yes, I was likely just looking for validation. Whatever. I can deal with that.

    Things I’ve figured out tonight on my new MacBook:

    • fn + [up/down arrow] == page up/down
    • command + [left/right arrow] == home / end
    • Adium is a nice little IM client
    • Thunderbird and Firefox work nicely
    • iPhoto? Darn spiffy.
    • The delete key works differently than I’m used to but fn + del does the trick nicely
    • You can still watch all three episodes of Dr. Horrible and it looks really good on this computer.

    Things I’ve neglected tonight while playing with my new MacBook:

    • Doing the dishes
    • Putting away my camping gear
    • Petting the Moira Feline
    • Setting up the new printer that came with the MacBook (“Free!…after rebate.”)
    • Opening the box containing the new (to me) sewing machine which happened to arrive in the mail today
    • Revising the presentation I’m working on
  3. Mom & Dad B permalink


  4. 2 days with the MacBook and I’m starting to fall deeply in smit with the darn thing. It still confuses me slightly but all the vital tools are working well so I can cope with the non-vital ones which aren’t clicking with me yet.

  5. Anneke permalink

    Yay for you! I can join in the cheering with the empathy of someone else quite smitten with a new laptoppy toy. My Eee PC is extra cool now that I’ve found a little program to let me rotate the screen vertically!

  6. Anneke permalink

    Oh, did you download the Spore Creature Creator yet?

    Link to free trial edition for Mac:

  7. Oh, Anneke is a baaaaaaaaad influence. 😀 No, I hadn’t gotten it yet but I might need to over the weekend.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your Eee in action after ya’ll return from Europe. The trip will give you a good chance to run it through its paces.

  8. JoiseyGirl permalink

    welcome to the dark side!

    PS – I’m your father.

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