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Bad kitty! Bad!

by VM Brasseur on August 5th, 2008

This morning I woke up with Moira curled up under the covers and my arm around her. Very cuddly and comfortable and cute. I carefully extracted myself so as to minimize the disturbance to the feline and started the process of preparing for the day ahead.

Emerging from the shower I noticed that Moira had left the bed. “Must be getting some food,” I thought as I walked to the kitchen to administer scritches. “Huh. Not there. Dining room? Nope. Then where… Oh, she’d better not be…”

I raced to the living room but was too late. A small fuzzy butt was sticking out from behind the couch, poised in mid-pee.

“Nooo! Bad kitty! What are you doing? Why? What did I do to deserve this sort of retaliation?” Harumph. The human is displeased. The cat could not care less.

Le sigh. Tomorrow I’ll probably have to stop at Home Depot and rent an industrial-strength carpet cleaner. Then I’ll need to think of a way to prevent her from trying this again.

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  1. It’s occurred to me that she probably did it because my showering had locked her out of HER bathroom as well and when a cat’s gotta go a cat’s gotta go. When she was sick a while back she used the area behind the couch and I guess I didn’t clean up well enough so she still thinks of it as a backup litter box.

    You’d think that the easy solution is just to shower with the bathroom door open so she can always reach the litter box but it’s not that simple. There’s a smoke detector right outside the bathroom door and the steam from the shower sets it off. Ever been standing in a shower at 5:30am and hear the smoke detector go off? No? You’re missing a real treat. Especially if you’re in the middle of shampooing. Yeah, big fun.

    So perhaps she’s not all that bad of a kitty but that doesn’t change the fact that I still need to get that carpet cleaner tonight.

  2. Anneke permalink

    You may just want to put another litter box somewhere else for the aging kitty… Near the back door?

  3. I used to do that back in Petaluma and would rather avoid it if at all possible. For now I’m going to try keeping the door open just enough for her to get in and hope it doesn’t release too much steam. If that doesn’t work for us then I’ll have to go the route you’ve suggested, but the extra box will probably have to go in the living room since she seems to have made up her mind that it’s the place to go.

  4. Mom & Dad B permalink

    Ya know, what you could do is to take cold showers. That way you wouldn’t have the steam to set off the smoke alarm and you could leave the bathroom door open for Moira.

    Along another line, Neko wanted us to dial Moira so she could talk to her about another option. She suggests that instead of peeing behind the couch, Mo should pee right at the side of your bed. That way you’d get to step in it when you got up and you would be more awake.

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