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MacBook status update

by VM Brasseur on September 30th, 2008

If you recall, back at the start of August I went Mac. I’m here now to tell you how that transition is coming along[*].

Gotta say, those folks at Apple do good work. I love my MacBook. It’s light, powerful and has great battery life. The thing is almost too easy. To install a file I just drag it to Applications? Huh? Whatever happened to “sudo rpm -i foo.rpm?” Crazy. And that two-finger scroll thing? Yeah, that rocks.

Some things aren’t quite as easy. For instance, taking a screenshot requires I hold down four different keys before selecting the stuff of which I need an image. Not intuitive. Overcome-able though.

Another complaint is that after spending a few hours tapping away at the thing I start to feel some aching in my wrists. In general I really like the keyboard action on it and I understand that it’s difficult to make an ergo keyboard for a laptop, so there’s not really much to be done about this issue (aside from perhaps not working/typing so much, but as that isn’t about to happen anytime soon…).

Oh, one keyboard complaint of substance: no page up! no page down! no home! no end! Alright so maybe that was four complaints. Still, what the hell? Yeah, I still miss these even though I’ve gotten used to using key combos to replicate the functionality of the missing keys.

Also I really miss my “focus follows mouse.” I like being able to whiz my pointer across the screen and start typing in a window without the needless-to-me extra action of clicking on the window.

But overall? Yeah, I’m deeply in smit with my MacBook. So much so that I’m seriously considering taking another plunge and getting myself an iPhone.

I haven’t sold my soul to Steve Jobs and his crew…yet.

[*] I’m also here to make a quick post so people will stop pointing out the dry spell I had in September.

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  1. Anneke permalink

    I wonder if you can custom-bind the screenie functionality to a key. Also, I don’t know how into “making little apps to change the base OS functionality” Mac users are, but if it were windows I’d bet money someone out there has a utility for that. Maybe there’s one out there for the Apple crowd.

    The combination key thing is a laptop issue, often, though seriously it shouldn’t have to be. My tiny keyboard at my desktop (which I bought deliberately so I’d have more space on my admittedly narrow-width desk) has dedicated buttons for these, even though it has no numpad.

    So what’s with the dry spell in September? (duck)

  2. suomynona permalink

    Turns on focus follows for Terminal app (and only terminal app)

    Long blog post about why Mac fails to be able to support this from a technical perspective.

    This seems to say it has support.

    15 day free trial

    “Now you can focus a window without raising the window. “

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