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Well, that was fun

by VM Brasseur on November 16th, 2008

For very large values of “fun,” that is.

Pardon the downtime, all. One week, five calls, one service visit and one $80 (on my tab) cable modem later my net access (and therefore my blog) appears to be back.


I just keep thinking, “Could be worse. It could have happened the week before.” Had that happened I think my head might have exploded. Thankfully we didn’t get the chance to test that theory.

Anyway, sorry again for the inadvertent downtime. These things happen.

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  2. Mom & Dad B permalink

    Don’t let your head explode again. We had a hell of a time finding most of the pieces the last time it happened. Glad you’re back.

  3. I’ll try and do what I can to avoid another head exploding incident.

    Thankfully the internet went out during a week where I didn’t have to work 80 or so hours and in which I was already booked to do something outside of the house just about every evening. It lessened the blow considerably.

    But now it’s back on (yay!) and I have actively arranged my schedule to have most every evening to myself this week (yay!). The timing worked out surprisingly well, all things considered.

  4. tomspartan16 permalink

    Yeah, i agree with JR. Never use the popular Inciting moment of stories and movies and dear old Life itself; “Well, it couldn’t get any worse.”


    DOOM! GLOOM. Obstacles. assholes. Struggle. Vows to never say that again!



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