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Insert Geeky Gleeful Squeal Here

by VM Brasseur on February 25th, 2009

I walk up to my door, later than usual. Grab the mail. Acknowledge the unintelligible greetings of my neighbors with a big smile and a wave. Fumble for my keys as I open the screen door…and a small box falls out.

“Box? Huh?”

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The key manages to find the lock while I’m inspecting the box. “It’s kinda, you know, small. I have something coming but it’s not small. What is this? And why does it have a customs label on it? This has to be a mistake.”

I got inside and dropped all my various bags of stuff: lunch bag, purse/bag, wine bag of new Trader Joe’s acquisitions. Box still in hand I patted Moira and refilled her water. “Customs from…somewhere where people can’t write neatly, it seems. Um…UK? A box from the UK? What the… Ooooooooooh! NEATO!” Yes, recognition had finally dawned:

Dalek and Cyberman

HURRAH! My toys are here! Now, I am not a fan of anything which sits around and doesn’t have a purpose aside from “dust acquisition mechanism” but when I saw that Forbidden Planet UK was going to be offering these wickedcoolawesomecuteadorablesuperkeen Time Squad figures I had no choice but to place my pre-order faster than I could think.

I mean LOOK at them. Aren’t they just the most pweshus widdle wobotic genocidal maniacs you’ve ever seen? Awwww…cute widdle wobots.

They’re going to my office. They shall take up residence next to my collection of Forbidden Island swizzle sticks and they shall announce to the world that, yes, I am a geek and I’m proud of it.

So cute. And it has that new Dalek smell. So very cute.

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  1. Dad permalink

    I’m afraid that I must admit those are really cool!
    Congratulations on your new toys.

  2. bekkos permalink

    Aw, man. Those things are unbe-frelling-leavably cute! You realize that I’m going to have to order some adowable widdle fiends of my very own, now. (*sigh* and here I thought I was done buying random Doctor Who crap…)

  3. When I wrote the post I made sure to link directly to them at Forbidden Planet just for you and your ordering ease. 🙂

    Yes, I’m an enabler. I embrace this role.

  4. tomspartan16 permalink


  5. tomspartan16 permalink

    Dalek-Kahn in the season finale, which I finally saw, was my favorite. That is the type of old man I intend to be: completely cute, bug-eyed, senile, and yet super-intelligent while saying the most cryptic statements before letting the world know I am completely SANE!

    (*Mostly. *) I’ll also be wearing diapers again, but…that won’t detract from my mental acuity.

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