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Face lift

by VM Brasseur on August 29th, 2005

This week I’ll be trying out a few new themes for FirstStep. This is the first of them. It’s called “Almost Spring.” Needless to say, if you have an opinion about it you should post a comment. Hard to read? Hard to find the (droids? No no no) links you’re looking for? Let me know.

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  1. I like the layout, not so much a fan of the color structure.


  2. The color seemed right yesterday, but today it’s starting to get under my skin as well. That’s easy enough to change via CSS, if I feel like putting in the effort. Instead, there’ll probably be another “out-of-box” theme slapped up here for comments in a day or so since it’s easier.

  3. The Brasseurs permalink

    I think the colors are hard to read.

  4. Hrm. That’s two votes against the color scheme. Considering the “staggering traffic” around here, two votes is a lot. Nigh on the entire constituency, one would think.

    OK, the masses have spoken. Later today I’ll swap out the theme on this place and see whether we can’t get something better.

  5. The Brasseurs permalink

    A nice NAVY blue might be nice!?!

    > (fish)

  6. The Brasseurs permalink


  7. The Brasseurs permalink

    Pirates often flew a scarlet flag as they attacked ships to signify the bloody demise of anyone who resisted. Red might be nice.


  8. Pirates? I’ll see what I can do about that request on September 19th. In the meantime, I’m preparing the next theme. Sorry, no NAVY blue or red this time around.

  9. I liked the earlier fonts. Or maybe that was my font. Fonts are so funny on the interweb. But regardless. I really like gill sans for titles and verdana for body. And the green/orange theme I’m getting here is a trifle trying.

    But who am I to talk, my stupid blog is all pomo and gothy (somehow simultaneously). Maybe I should make mine black-on-black so you can’t actually read it. Hmm…

  10. Well, at least that would be an update of SOME sort to your blog. The first in, what, six months?

  11. As it turns out, my blog had just gotten updated. So nyah. And thibbet. And,


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