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The Cat Naming Game

by vmbrasseur on August 14th, 2010

Black KittyGray Kitty

These two handsome gentlemen will be coming to live with me this upcoming Friday. They don’t yet have names. The announcement of these two facts caused a maelstrom of email, mostly on the subject of naming.

Here are the suggestions I’ve received so far…

  • JiJi and Bucky
  • Holmes and Watson (or Moriarty, depending on personality)
  • Lewis and Clark (if they like to explore the house)
  • Jeckyl and Hyde
  • Heckle and Jeckyl
  • Groucho and Chico (or Harpo)
  • Laurel and Hardy
  • Monty and Python
  • Spam and Spam (face it, you can call cats whatever you want, they only listen selectively-or if food is involved)
  • Bela and Boris
  • Godzilla and Gamera (depending if they’re destructive)
  • Osiris and Sethos (or Horus)
  • Doc and Grumpy (or any of the other dwarfs depending on personality)
  • Ramses and Tut
  • The DOCTOR and Capt. Jack
  • Mickey and Donald
  • Hades and Apollo (or other Greek gods)
  • Caelum and something resembling “bathic”
  • Captain Jack and The Face of Boe
  • Shaun and Ed
  • Rassilon and Omega
  • Rassilon and Gallifrey
  • Tennant and Baker
  • Jayne and Malcolm
  • Fezzick and Inigo
  • Tron and Sark
  • Buckaroo and Bonzai
  • Ford and Zaphod
  • Porter and Ale
  • Hops and Barley
  • Cat and Other Cat
  • Cat who is this Cat and Cat that is not this Cat
  • Cat5 and 10baseT
  • Catastrophe and Catharsis
  • Basement Cat and Minion
  • Pinky and Brain
  • Cat and Cat

Have additional suggestions? Post them in the comments below.

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  1. nunya permalink

    salt and pepper
    bert and ernie
    tit and tatte

  2. Bart permalink

    Stuff and Bother
    Mysterious and Spooky

  3. Evil Franz permalink

    Wedge and Luke? Kirk and Spock? Death and Taxes? Whiskey and Sours?

  4. Mom and Dad B permalink

    Frank and Ollie (the Disney animators)
    Hades and Narcissus (since the black guy is showing signs of being a troublemaker and the gray one is full of himself)
    Gato and Chat

    Remember, cats like to get on things, knock stuff over and love to carry away woven Daleks.

  5. Bart permalink

    Mephisto and Faust

  6. vmbrasseur permalink

    Aristos and Agathos

  7. vmbrasseur permalink

    Comments left on Facebook or IM:

    Bob and Bob. One is spelled backwards.
    Squirt and Gun
    Dark and Matter
    Starsky and Hutch
    One and Two
    Alpha and Beta
    Caesar and Attila
    Amos and Andy
    Simon and Garfunkel
    Here and There
    Captain and Tennille
    Oscar and Wilde
    Wilde and Beest [sic]
    Felix and Oscar
    Darth and Vader
    Fangs and Claws
    Salt and Pepper
    PB and Jelly
    Pushkin and Gogol
    Sanders and Kupferberg
    Norm and Cliff
    Smoke and Ember

  8. megan permalink

    Belka and Strelka, to commemorate the first dogs that went to space and actually came back alive (launched in Sputnik 5, 50 years ago today):

    Sure they’re girl dog names, but cats don’t know that.

  9. Bart permalink

    Dither and Yawn

  10. jeana permalink

    Silver – Sid
    Black – Morris

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