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Hissy Fit: The cats have a blog

by vmbrasseur on October 31st, 2010

Pathetic though it may be, Nigel and Percy now have their own blog. Hopefully this will help this blog from being overrun with posts starting like “The cats did the cutest damn thing today…”

Wander on over to Hissy Fit if you wish to follow all the kooky antics of my felines.

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  1. megan permalink

    See Wondermark #119; In which a Cat has a Blog:

  2. vmbrasseur permalink

    That sums it up nicely. And if you want to leave a comment on Hissy Fit and tell Nigel to stop nomming the cord of the bedroom’s roman blinds I’d be much appreciative.

  3. Spencer permalink

    Dunno if you have other LJ friends who will find this useful but the main blog is syndicated as firststep_vmb and now there’s hissyfitvmb too. (Yeah, so I was inconsistent with the underscores)

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