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Enough is enough

by VM Brasseur on March 16th, 2006

I’m tired of the rain.

I’m tired of the cold.

I’m tired of the bloody “winter” around here.

Dammit, I live in California! I want the sun to come out, stay out, and heat my car to inhuman temperatures! I want to leave my skylights open all bloody day without risk of flooding my kitchen and bathroom by the rain. Or sending mead fermentation dormant from the cold. I want my cat to have puddles of sun to lie in all day so she’s happier when I get home from work.

This crap can stop any time now. I’m sick of it.

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  1. We have snow on the ground today. So at least you’re not here.

  2. Agreed. It seems like a longer and colder winter this year. I also crave the beneficial rays of the sun.

  3. True, there’s no snow. I should be grateful for that.

    But instead I’m going to be a whiny NoCal Princess, stamping my little princess foot and demanding that this dreadful weather go away.

  4. No snow on the ground, but the weekend of two 70 degree, humid days was followed up by snow flurries on Tuesday. 😛

  5. Two things for which to be grateful:

    no snow
    consistent (though crappy) weather

    You people are going to whittle away what little complaint foundation I have. Stop it or I’ll have to stop griping.

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