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This weekend in food

by VM Brasseur on March 27th, 2006

Lest the audience at home think I’d given the food thing a rest, here, briefly, is the weekend update. I know you’ve all been anxious for it.

  • Mead specific gravity down to 1.071. Still a long way to go. This is gonna take a while.
  • Lime liqueur enters phase two (add sugar syrup and start the next 40 day aging period).
  • Blueberry liqueur enters phase one (mixing and start of first 90 day aging period).
  • Good wine, tasty food and big fun at Bedig’s dinner.
  • Scrumptuous as always, Chicken Provencal was worth the work and the wait yesterday.

See? I told you it would be brief.

  1. suomynona permalink

    What? No beans!?!

  2. JoiseyGirl permalink

    Chicken Provencal? those of us who don’t get to eat dinner with you often enough could be consoled by the recipe…

  3. Ask and thou shalt receive:

    Chicken Provencal

    Ping me on IM if you need the login information.

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