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Thank you, Guy, for making me wait

by VM Brasseur on April 7th, 2006

When they were here in January, Guy and Megan raved about the new Battlestar Galactica. They weren’t the first raves I’d heard, but being who they are they held the most weight. So, naturally, I put season one (1.0) in my Netflix queue and then bumped it to the top.

1.0 ended and I was a wreck. “What happens?!? How can they just end like that and make me wait?!?” was what I wailed over IM to Guy, despite the fact that the first disc of season two (2.0) was already winging its way to me and would arrive the next day. He, being the wise fellow that he is, said, “Damn, woman. If you’re taking it this badly at the end of 1.0 you are not allowed to watch the last episode of 2.0 until you have 2.5 (aka season three) in your hands.” (OK, so maybe that’s not an exact quote, but the gist is there.)

Steve arrived from Michigan last week, muling discs of 2.5 for me.

I just finished watching the last episode of 2.0.

Thank you, Guy, for making me wait for the disc to arrive. I’d probably have exploded else, as 2.5 won’t be on Netflix for months. Instead, I’m about to walk to my front room and see how things resolve. Thank God.

Not having TV, I don’t get attached to shows so much. Sure, I really dig Firefly a lot. Even bought it on DVD when it was only $20 or so on Amazon. But Battlestar Galactica? Whoa, baby. That’s a whole different ballgame. Woe to him who calls me during an episode of BSG, for he shall be routed directly to voicemail. I will put in a disc and gasp and point and disturb the cat with my shouts of, “Look out!” or “Oh no!” and sit on my couch with my hand to my mouth all tense and completely into the moment. And that’s just for a regular episode. Now imagine me with a cliffhanger of this thing. A very ugly scene, I assure you.

So thank you, Guy, for making me wait for 2.5 to arrive. And thank you for sending 2.5 and thereby saving me from otherwise unavoidable explosion. And thank you both, Guy and Megan, for being the straw that broke the back of my personal BSG camel. Or is it that you placed the monkey on my back? Hmm…

Now the question is: should I also wait to watch the last episode of 2.5? Oy!

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  1. BSG is one of the shows I looked forward to, too. Not your average TV space show. It’s character driven, and one can find lots that relates to the current US political situation. I can’t find documentation to back this up, but I believe the current president (Roslin) was the 43rd in line to be president when the 42 in front of her died. And Bush is……the 43rd president. And should you wait to watch the last episode? I can’t think of a good reason not to, but don’t expect it to clear things up.


  2. Too late. Last episode watched. Now I’m just mulling over exactly what it means.

  3. BSG is great television. Period. I got the woman succered into that as well. I found myself completely pleased with the end of the second season. Having to wait until October will suck, but man. I think it will be a ton of fun.

    Similar to what was told to you, I informed Jen that once we got to the final 2 episodes of the first season, we would have to watch them back to back as well as the first episode of the second season. No exceptions. 2:20 would HAVE to be set aside, because there is no way she would want to have to do whatever she thought she had to do after the final episode of the first season. Fortunately for her, we got her completely caught up to the end of the first half of the second season about a week before new episodes came on. She was spared that grief.

    But not this time. Now… We suffer together.

  4. Aww. What…romantic? thing to say.

    This weekend I all but OD’d on the BSG: final disc of 2.0 and the entirety of 2.5 was consumed. The cliffhanger of 2.5 was pretty bad, but not nearly as bad as the previous two seasons. I won’t go into the reasons why, as that might stray into ‘spoiler’ territory. And I wouldn’t do that to you guys.

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