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I'll be back?

by VM Brasseur on April 20th, 2006

This morning I created a gmail account to act as a black hole. It’ll be the address I use whenever an email address is required on a form but I think that the company will sell my information or otherwise pester me needlessly.

I had my own username in mind already, but the Gmail interface is particularly helpful and suggests one for you.

The name suggested for me?


Fear me! For I am the Brasseur-a-na-TOR! Eat your heart out, Trogdor! I pwn U! Muahaha!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go out and purchase some bitchin’ sunglasses and a bad-ass black leather jacket.

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  1. I started using gmail several months ago and think I’ll use it as my main mailbox. A total of 2 spams in 2 months have gotten through, both clearly marked as probably spam (they were). I really like being able to access my mail from anywhere, it’s fast, and there are a few folks at III using the chat function that’s part of it. I got some interesting suggestions, too, but opted for the mundane firstname.lastname.

  2. I have since switched my entire email to be hosted through Gmail. 25 accounts, all 2GB (but they do not expand exponentially like some recursive virus like the regular accounts do) with the Gmail interface for all my users. I’ve found it to be very handy with band directors. They write something, I respond, they drop off the earth for a couple weeks. When they right back, I have our entire series of exchanges right there so I can remember what the hell I said in the first place.

    Very handy.

  3. eunos94 permalink

    As someone who as also switched over to gmail recently, here’s a handy little tip for managing who is selling your email address. Gmail accepts email to your account Gmail will also accept email to the same account as You can now tag each email to the place you left it. Example: I signed up for an account online at NY Times. I just added “+nytimes” before the @gmail and if I ever receive email from anyone else besides the NY Times that has that tag in there…tada!

  4. We use the same “+” trick at work. It’s something you can configure in sendmail and is wicked convenient. I didn’t realize that Gmail allowed it though, so I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for the tip!

    So though I have my Gmail accounts I never use them. Really, I don’t see the need and I really dislike the concept. I don’t want to have to search my inbox whenever I want to find something. I want to file and filter and subdivide and categorize. Allow me to really move things, not just tag them. Get rid of the clutter.

    Working where I do I receive and have to track hundreds of legitimate pieces of email every day (not to mention the thousand or so daily pieces of spam). This is not something which would be possible using anything resembling the Gmail “system”. I still keep just about every piece of email which crosses my path, but it’s all filed, archived and backed up. The anality of my system would make a cataloging librarian giddy. Most of this is handled automagically via 50+ filters which I have in place on Thunderbird (soon to be handled on the server side via procmail) because, anal retentive though I may be, insane I am not.

    For me, the only thing Gmail is good for is the extremely rare occassion when I have access to no other email (which, to be honest, never happens anymore) or as a blackhole for those who would sell my information. I understand that it’s great for other folks, but it’s just not really for me.

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