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Funny like a truck

by VM Brasseur on April 27th, 2006

What are those keys for?


Barring and standard

Link roundup

The sound of a perfect Coke


Goodnight mister. Goodnight miss. Mmmbye.

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  1. Those are my house keys.
    Funk and Wagnalls
    Link Wray
    A soap bubble falling in front of my car
    A purring cat asleep on my hand
    G’night Gracie

  2. Folks have asked, pertaining to this post, “Huh?”

    It’s about a mistake I made last night and am trying to rectify. Just nod and smile.

  3. …uuuhhhh…?

  4. That’s not nodding and smiling. That’s “…uuuhhh…?”‘ing.

  5. OK, so maybe I overreacted. Continue with the nodding and smiling and mutter amongst yourselves.

  6. Silly me. I thought it was a free association exercise.

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