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Nu-cu-lar [sic]

1 minute read

And with the purchase of a new microwave I’ve returned to modern American culture. Well, OK, I still don’t own or watch TV (and don’t intend to) so perhaps ...

Hissy Fit: The cats have a blog

less than 1 minute read

Pathetic though it may be, Nigel and Percy now have their own blog. Hopefully this will help this blog from being overrun with posts starting like “The cats ...

Dinner a’la Saint Julia (Child)

less than 1 minute read

A gratuitous post, simply because I haven’t done it in a while and need to ease back into it. Plus, well, I’m showing off.

How to Make Yogurt

5 minute read

OK, let’s get something clear right out of the gate: Making Yogurt Is Stupid Easy. No, really. That stuff you spend so much money for at the store? Requires...