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Music library, I ♥ you.

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Total Tracks: 30,205 Total Albums: 2,351 Total Artists: 3,068 Total Genres: 148 Total Playing Time: 2225:35:05

Book Review: Mistborn: The Final Empire

1 minute read

Two different friends recommended Mistborn: The Final Empire to me. Unlike The Anubis Gates this book wasn’t portrayed as anything other than good entertain...

Book Review: The Anubis Gates

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A few months ago I received a second-hand book review from friend Z. “I was speaking with X and Y and they both said that The Anubis Gates was the best book...

First Impressions of Portland

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Everyone I know who’s been to or lived in Portland has told me that it’s the sort of place that I would really like. Progressive, good food, geeky. Sounds pr...


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Warning: cranky mini-rant ahead!